Water Damage Photo Gallery

Hardwood Floors

Water Extraction

We are quick to arrive to the scene and in doing so preventing any further damage to your home.

We understand how stressful a sudden water damage situation can be and we at SERVPRO Sorrento Valley are here to help make it "Like it never even happened." 


Water Stains

Everyone dreads to see the ugly water stains that occur when a sneaky little leak has gone unseen--panic sets in and BAM, we think the absolute worst. No need to panic, just pick up the phone and call us here at SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley. 

We will answer any of your concerning questions and leave you at ease by the end of the call.

muddy crawlspace and person crawling in ppe suit with extraction hose

Got Mud?

There is nowhere our technicians won't go. This customer's crawlspace was flooded with a couple of inches of standing water. Our technicians put on their PPE and squeezed into the tight space to extract the water.

dehumidifier connected with hoses to floor drying mat on hardwood floors

Saving Hardwood Flooring

Just because hardwood floors contain moisture from a water damage does not mean they must be torn out. Depending on how heavily saturated they are, sometimes we can dry the hardwood flooring in place. We do this using a piece of equipment called the injectidry. It works by either using positive pressure to dry high risk areas of hidden moisture, or with negative pressure by removing the moist air.

hardwood flooring buckled and uneven

Buckled Hardwood Floors

Depending on the severity of the water damage, sometimes hardwood floors can be saved. However in this case, the hardwood flooring was too heavily saturated and began to buckle. There was a leak in the crawlspace which caused the flooring to absorb moisture and swell.

blown in insulation and drywall over bathtub and floor from ceiling collapse

Water Damage Ceiling Collapse

This customer had a pipe leak in their attic. The water saturated the drywall and blown in insulation and collapsed into the bathroom. We cleaned up the debris, set drying equipment, and cut the hole in the ceiling drywall to be neat and even for repairs.