Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Can You Smell That? Men in van.

Got Odor?

SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley has all of the necessary equipment you need to treat any foul smells or odors.

Our goal is to eliminate any odor the customer considers unpleasant.

Removing odors can present challenges at times, Our technicians use many different procedures, deodorization products and equipment devices to eliminate unwanted odors.

It is always best to remove and clean the source of offending odors, the success of deodorization will depend on factors such as the location of the odor, the type of source of the odors, as well as the severity. Our technicians use all EPA registered products disinfectants, sanitizers and sterilizers. 

Soot Clean Up

Fire Damage Restoration

We at SERVPRO Sorrento Valley posses the equipment, knowledge and skills necessary to restore any kind of fire damage no matter the extent of the damage.

We can help eliminate any odors originating from smoke and also remove soot damage.

candle burned painting on mantle leaving black burn marks and soot

Never Leave A Candle Unattended

One of our customers had a house covered in soot due to a candle fire. They had a candle burning on the fireplace mantle and it caught the painting behind it on fire. We advise to never leave burning candles unattended, as well as making sure the surrounding area is clear of contents. Usually candle fires are due to a candle catching a curtain on fire, however this is an example that many other materials that we don't consider flammable, can be a fire hazard.

chemical sponge shows soot after being wiped on wall

Light Smoke Damage in San Diego, CA

Not all fire damages occur inside the home but sometimes there is damage not easily visible to the eye. In this home there was slight smoke damage from a nearby fire that had occurred outside. During our inspection we used our special fire sponges to show if there was any smoke residue, and there was!

fire damaged patio and bbq with soot and smoke

BBQ Fire Damages Inside Home in San Diego, CA

These homeowners were barbecuing on Saturday and when they woke up on Sunday morning the deck around the barbecue island was on fire. Coals had fallen through the deck down into a storage room below. We took inventory to separate the salvageable vs non-salvageable items.

fire and soot damage kitchen ceiling and stove

Kitchen Fire in San Diego, CA

This is the aftermath of a kitchen stove fire in San Diego. The kitchen and many rooms throughout the house had significant smoke and soot damage. Most of the surfaces were able to be cleaned using our dry sponges, SERVPRO cleaning products, and upholstery cleaning tools.