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Employee of The Month

Employee Recognition

We want to congratulate our top 12 employees of the month! We thank you for doing such an amazing job and for your tremendous efforts in 2020!

You are the heart of SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley! We look forward to continuing our recognition and appreciation for all of your hard work each and every day in 2021!

office staff and technicians gathered together for company photo

Team SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley

This is our amazing SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley team. We consider our staff members to be more than just employees, but rather members of our family. Our team is proud to be your first choice for all of your Remediation & Restoration needs. Our crew will do everything it takes to make your loss "Like it never even happened."

CACM Gold Donor 2020

We Are A Proud CACM Gold Donor

SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley is honored to be a CACM Gold Donor, and support the members and our community in any way we can.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe

Pack Out Services

Our packing services can be used to store your valuable belongings in a safe area in order to prevent further damage which may occur due to a water, fire, or mold situation.

We are the experts here at SERVPRO Sorrento Valley.

Call us today at 858-527-1144

Here to Help

Unexpected Storm

Unfortunately it is not always sunny here in San Diego, rest assured we are here to help in case you happen to experience water damage originating from rainfall. We are here for YOU!

Can You Smell That? Men in van.

Got Odor?

SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley has all of the necessary equipment you need to treat any foul smells or odors.

Our goal is to eliminate any odor the customer considers unpleasant.

Removing odors can present challenges at times, Our technicians use many different procedures, deodorization products and equipment devices to eliminate unwanted odors.

It is always best to remove and clean the source of offending odors, the success of deodorization will depend on factors such as the location of the odor, the type of source of the odors, as well as the severity. Our technicians use all EPA registered products disinfectants, sanitizers and sterilizers. 

Soot Clean Up

Fire Damage Restoration

We at SERVPRO Sorrento Valley posses the equipment, knowledge and skills necessary to restore any kind of fire damage no matter the extent of the damage.

We can help eliminate any odors originating from smoke and also remove soot damage.

Hardwood Floors

Water Extraction

We are quick to arrive to the scene and in doing so preventing any further damage to your home.

We understand how stressful a sudden water damage situation can be and we at SERVPRO Sorrento Valley are here to help make it "Like it never even happened." 


Water Stains

Everyone dreads to see the ugly water stains that occur when a sneaky little leak has gone unseen--panic sets in and BAM, we think the absolute worst. No need to panic, just pick up the phone and call us here at SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley. 

We will answer any of your concerning questions and leave you at ease by the end of the call.


Commercial Restoration Needs in San Diego

Here at SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley we pride ourselves on being able to service your commercial restoration needs, we have the equipment necessary to make it "Like it never even happened."

A Satisfied Customer

Customer Service

" A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all" 

A+ job well done for this water damage job. It’s such a great feeling knowing that our customers are left satisfied with the work we have provide for them in their time of need. 

CAI Vendor of The Year

Vendor of The Year

We are honored to be selected as the Vendor of the Year in San Diego County. BUT more than anything, we are honored to serve you and help you in your time of need!

Here To Help

Our Crew Is Always Ready To Go

We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable crew who understands the importance of safe, clean, efficient service. Whether it be fire damage, water damage, bio-hazard clean up, or mold remediation we have you covered for all of your residential or commercial needs.

muddy crawlspace and person crawling in ppe suit with extraction hose

Got Mud?

There is nowhere our technicians won't go. This customer's crawlspace was flooded with a couple of inches of standing water. Our technicians put on their PPE and squeezed into the tight space to extract the water.

dehumidifier connected with hoses to floor drying mat on hardwood floors

Saving Hardwood Flooring

Just because hardwood floors contain moisture from a water damage does not mean they must be torn out. Depending on how heavily saturated they are, sometimes we can dry the hardwood flooring in place. We do this using a piece of equipment called the injectidry. It works by either using positive pressure to dry high risk areas of hidden moisture, or with negative pressure by removing the moist air.

hardwood flooring buckled and uneven

Buckled Hardwood Floors

Depending on the severity of the water damage, sometimes hardwood floors can be saved. However in this case, the hardwood flooring was too heavily saturated and began to buckle. There was a leak in the crawlspace which caused the flooring to absorb moisture and swell.

blown in insulation and drywall over bathtub and floor from ceiling collapse

Water Damage Ceiling Collapse

This customer had a pipe leak in their attic. The water saturated the drywall and blown in insulation and collapsed into the bathroom. We cleaned up the debris, set drying equipment, and cut the hole in the ceiling drywall to be neat and even for repairs.

women's bathroom multiple stalls tile floor with air movers and dehumidifier

Commercial Water Damage

This commercial water damage was caused by a toilet leak in a bathroom. It affected multiple rooms and we were able to dry it out with minimal demo in 3 days. You can trust us to efficiently and quickly dry out your commercial building so that business can resume.

flooded basement with extraction tool sucking up water

Commercial Extraction

This basement in a movie theater flooded with sewage water. Once we arrived on site we moved contents out of the way and began to extract the sewage. We also subcontracted a septic company to help assist us with the extraction.

woman in ppe suit with backpack vacuum walking up stairs

Proper Equipment Is Key

This customer's home was affected with smoke damage from the Lilac Fires in Fallbrook December 2017. Our technician put on a PPE suit and used a backpack hepavacuum to clean the hard to reach affected areas.

equipment of dehumidifiers and air movers lined up on shelves in warehouse

Equipment Ready To Go

We keep our warehouse organized and clean. Equipment is lined up so that when a new water damage comes in, our technicians can load up and go. We're proud to have a large amount of dehumidifiers and air movers to handle a wide range of jobs from commercial to storm damage.

green box truck and van with servpro decals

Ready To Respond

Every day when SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley's technicians return to the warehouse, they clean out the vehicles and restock them. This way when an emergency comes in after hours, we are ready to dispatch a crew as soon as possible.

drywall flood cut 2 feet high around the room with green walls and concrete floor and an air mover

Hurricane Damage

In 2017 we joined the SERVPRO Storm Team and sent a crew to assist with the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Many of the homes suffered flooding and part of our protocol is to cut drywall 2 feet high throughout the home, known as a "flood cut".

infrared camera shows yellow and orange for dry areas and dark purple in ceiling for wet areas

Infrared Camera

Not all water damage is easily visible or detectable, which is why we have special equipment to assist us. One piece of equipment we use is an infrared camera. When water evaporates, it cools surface temperature. The infrared camera identifies temperature differentials to locate potential water damage. Infrared technology visually displays qualitative thermal differences often caused by water damage. We used it on this commercial job to detect what areas of the ceiling were saturated with water. The dark blue and purple colors are the area where moisture is detected, whereas the orange and yellow colors are the dry areas.

green SERVPRO trucks parked outside of large high rise condo in downtown san diego

Residential Condo in Downtown San Diego Floods

SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley/University City responded to a late night call in September 2018. A 13 story, 113 unit high rise condo in downtown San Diego flooded from top to bottom. We immediately dispatched our crew and worked day and night to get the building restored as soon as possible.

candle burned painting on mantle leaving black burn marks and soot

Never Leave A Candle Unattended

One of our customers had a house covered in soot due to a candle fire. They had a candle burning on the fireplace mantle and it caught the painting behind it on fire. We advise to never leave burning candles unattended, as well as making sure the surrounding area is clear of contents. Usually candle fires are due to a candle catching a curtain on fire, however this is an example that many other materials that we don't consider flammable, can be a fire hazard.

chemical sponge shows soot after being wiped on wall

Light Smoke Damage in San Diego, CA

Not all fire damages occur inside the home but sometimes there is damage not easily visible to the eye. In this home there was slight smoke damage from a nearby fire that had occurred outside. During our inspection we used our special fire sponges to show if there was any smoke residue, and there was!

fire damaged patio and bbq with soot and smoke

BBQ Fire Damages Inside Home in San Diego, CA

These homeowners were barbecuing on Saturday and when they woke up on Sunday morning the deck around the barbecue island was on fire. Coals had fallen through the deck down into a storage room below. We took inventory to separate the salvageable vs non-salvageable items.

fire and soot damage kitchen ceiling and stove

Kitchen Fire in San Diego, CA

This is the aftermath of a kitchen stove fire in San Diego. The kitchen and many rooms throughout the house had significant smoke and soot damage. Most of the surfaces were able to be cleaned using our dry sponges, SERVPRO cleaning products, and upholstery cleaning tools. 

woman at a Trade Show With Booth Of Christmas Goodies

Are You Ready For Christmas?

We're reminiscing about last year's CAI trade show in December. Are you ready for Christmas?

Use the link below to keep track of how many days are left until Christmas:

Family and friends in the industry gather at the beach for a summer party

Endless Summer Party at the Carlsbad Lagoon

Each year we look forward to the Endless Summer Party at the Carlsbad Lagoon.

This year we had more then 200 guests, food, drinks, ice cream, games and water sport activities! It was a great day to gather outside of work with our clients, family, and friends.

SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley/University City Wishing Everyone A Happy Labor Day With Rosie The Riveter

Happy Labor Day

We're a proud company composed of hard working, dedicated employees. Even on Labor Day we never stop working, and we are always here to help! Call us today for any of your emergency needs: (858)527-1144. 

Our entire staff

Our Crew and Office

Meet our excellent crew and office staff! At SERVPRO Sorrento Valley, we value our staff not as just employees, but as a whole family. That's how we can get the job done right the first time every time!

Administrative Appreciation Day!

Today is the day we take a moment to look at our Administrators and say "Thank you for all the hard work you do". Our Admins here at SERVPRO Sorrento Valley / UTC are very much appreciated for literally holding our hands and playing "mom" in the office. Thank you to our amazing Office Manager, Alicia, our Lead Auditor, Laura, our Collections Officer, Debbie, our half Admin / half Marketing Rep Jasmine, and our newest addition to the Admins family, Riley! These are the ladies behind the scenes, working with customers to satisfy their needs.