Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Keeping Your Belongings Safe

Pack Out Services

Our packing services can be used to store your valuable belongings in a safe area in order to prevent further damage which may occur due to a water, fire, or mold situation.

We are the experts here at SERVPRO Sorrento Valley.

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Here to Help

Unexpected Storm

Unfortunately it is not always sunny here in San Diego, rest assured we are here to help in case you happen to experience water damage originating from rainfall. We are here for YOU!

woman in ppe suit with backpack vacuum walking up stairs

Proper Equipment Is Key

This customer's home was affected with smoke damage from the Lilac Fires in Fallbrook December 2017. Our technician put on a PPE suit and used a backpack hepavacuum to clean the hard to reach affected areas.

equipment of dehumidifiers and air movers lined up on shelves in warehouse

Equipment Ready To Go

We keep our warehouse organized and clean. Equipment is lined up so that when a new water damage comes in, our technicians can load up and go. We're proud to have a large amount of dehumidifiers and air movers to handle a wide range of jobs from commercial to storm damage.

green box truck and van with servpro decals

Ready To Respond

Every day when SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley's technicians return to the warehouse, they clean out the vehicles and restock them. This way when an emergency comes in after hours, we are ready to dispatch a crew as soon as possible.

drywall flood cut 2 feet high around the room with green walls and concrete floor and an air mover

Hurricane Damage

In 2017 we joined the SERVPRO Storm Team and sent a crew to assist with the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Many of the homes suffered flooding and part of our protocol is to cut drywall 2 feet high throughout the home, known as a "flood cut".